LHE presents...  Willy Wonka Jr.

May 4th & 5th @ Ballard High School Auditorium

The Willy Wonka Jr. Experience

Perspectve Willy Wonka Jr. cast members,

Here’s a bit of information to explain the goings on of a stage production.



Actors are expected to behave in a respectful manner at ALL Willy Wonka activities including auditions, rehearsals, performances, backstage, and when observing others rehearse/perform. 


Our director, choreographer, & music director will be conducting the auditions. This will be a fun, non-scary experience for all. Auditions will be done in groups of 10 actors. As a group, actors will be asked to sing part of a song that they already know, learn some simple dance moves, and do some acting exercises. No previous experience is necessary and everyone who auditions will get a part in the show! Sign-ups will be on the “Wonka Board” outside the school office. Parents, please stay with your children in the hall while they are waiting for their audition call time. (Parents, family & friends will be asked to wait quietly in the hall during auditions.)


Actors being considered for leading rolls may be invited to attend callbacks, a second audition where they can showcase their talents either individually or in a small group. Callbacks are by invitation only. (Parents, family & friends will be asked to wait quietly in the hall.)

Cast Posting

The Cast Posting, listing all actors and their roles, will be posted on the Wonka Board and at http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/cast-posting.

Permission Slips/Dues

There will be dues of $40 for each actor to participate in the play.This includes a costume, t-shirt and cd of the score for each cast member to keep. Permission slips and dues are to be turned into the lock box in the school office by Tuesday, February 12th. All actors must have their permission slips & dues turned in prior to attending rehearsals. We want all children interested to be a part of the show. Scholarships are available through LHPTA. Please contact [email protected] Access to the Permission Slip form is available anytime at http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/permission-slip.


Rehearsals will be from 8:15am-9:15am weekdays at school. Rehearsals will change from week to week and not every actor will need to be at every rehearsal. Rehearsal schedules will be posted on the Wonka Board every Friday for the following week as well as be emailed to cast families and available anytime at http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/apps/calendar/. If you are not able to attend a rehearsal, please notify Bret Ashlee at [email protected]

Cast Orientation

During the first week of rehearsals we will introduce cast members to some theatre basics and discuss all the fun we’re going to have. 

Saturday Rehearsals 

There will be five Saturday rehearsals. These are vital as they are the only opportunites for the cast to run through the play in sequence before the dress rehearsal. Not all cast members will need to attend the entire time block. Schedules for these rehearsals will be posted the week prior. Parents are welcome to attend.


Cast Correspondance

Cast members will receive weekly emails with the latest Wonka news. It will also be available on our blog anytime at http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/news. You may contact Bret Ashlee directly at [email protected]

Cast Photos

We will be taking photos of the cast to be used in the program. Cast members will be in costume only, no make-up, and will be photographed in groups. Parents, please stay with your children in the hall while they are waiting for their group call time. (No parents will be allowed into the photo session.) Photos will be available for purchase; cast families will be notified as soon as the photos are available. Cast Photos from last year's production of Seussical Jr. may be seen at http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/apps/photos/.

School Assembly

A preview of the show, a teaser for the rest of the school as well as providing valuable experience for the cast to perform in front of a live audience. Parents are welcome to attend.

Dress Rehearsal

Dress rehearsal will be in full costume for all cast members and will be held at the Ballard High School Auditorium. The arrival schedule will be posted the week prior. Parents are welcome to attend.


We will be performing in the Ballard High School Auditorium. The arrival schedule will be posted the week prior.

Ticket Sales

Tickets are $10 per person and each person attending the show (not including lap children under the age of 2) must pay for admission. All ticket sales will be done online at http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales. There will be no ticket sales at the door. Ticket sales will be live on March 1st for cast members families and advertising to the public begins on March 15th. Tickets need to be printed at the time of purchase and brought to the performance as proof of purchase. Scholarships are available through LHPTA. Please contact [email protected] are available through LHPTA. Please contact [email protected]

Company Party

All cast & crew members and their families are invited to celebrate a job well done with a pot-luck dinner at the school. This promises to be loads of fun and a great way to say "farewell" to our Wonka family. Please sign up to attend and contribute to the event: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0F4BA8A82CA31-willy

Volunteer Opportunities

We cannot do this without help from our Loyal Heights community! We need help with sets, props, costumes, hair & make-up, vocal & acting coaching, & help corraling cast members during the Saturday rehearsals, school assembly, dress rehearsal & performances. Please, please, please share your time and talents with us to make this an amazing experience for everyone! (All adult volunteers must fill out a backgroud check form in the school office.) Sign up to help at http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales/volunteer-opportunities.