LHE presents...  Willy Wonka Jr.

May 4th & 5th @ Ballard High School Auditorium

Breaking News!


Get your Wonka DVD! Copies are available for $12 each. Email [email protected] to purchase one.


Cast photos are up on our Wonka blog for all to see. These are low resolution files, probably not suitable for printing but perfect for electronic sharing. To see them, visit http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/apps/photos/ , then click on "LHE Willy Wonka Jr. - The Next Adventure". Enjoy!



*Don't forget to purchase your Wonka cast photos! For all orders, visit http://lhewillywonkajr.smugmug.comThey will only be available through May 23rd, (that's less than a week away) so order now!

*Thanks to everyone who walked in the Syttende Mai parade yesterday and for Tricia Lepse for organizing us! What fun it was to see you all in your costumes (or a new take on your costumes) and be together again! :)

*One yellow cast t-shirt (size M) and one Candy Man Kid vest (size M) & blue scarf have turned up in the Wonka Lost-&-Found. Please let me know if they're yours so that I can return them to you.

*We have a few more items available for purchase:

-Orange/blue striped Oompa Loompa socks are available for $3 a pair (they retail for $10).
They were worn once for the cast photos, thoroughly washed, and now need permanent homes.

-The faux food on platters used by our LH teachers in the "I Eat More" number are available for 
purchase for $5 each. First come, first served!

And finally, check out all of our Wonka identity:




-Some generous Wonka parents would like to share their candid photos with the rest of the cast. Buckets of thanks to Michael Lekas & Lawrence Jobe! Here are the links:

And, of course, to order official cast photos, visit http://lhewillywonkajr.smugmug.com.

-Let's give a HUGE Wonka shout to Julie Giebel & Paula Shaw for organizing our Company Party! And thanks to everyone who attended and contributed, making it a super fun night. 

-A yellow cast t-shirt (size M) was left at a morning rehearsal last week. Please let me know if its yours and I'll get it returned to you right away.

-Two black flashlights were lost at our performances last weekend. Please holler if you have them or know where they are so that they can be returned to their rightful owners.

-Don't forget to register to participate in Ballard's annual "Syttende Mai" parade. The parade starts at 6pm on May 17th. We'll meet at the Ballard Community Center Playground (61st and 28th NW) no later than 5:30pm. Wear your Wonka costumes! Each child marching must have a parent or responsible adult march with them. All parade participants are required to turn in a signed "Individual Hold Harmless Agreement", (http://www.17thofmay.org/forms/2012HoldHarmless_DE%20Rev%20Feb%2027.pdf) and return it to the labeled box outside Room 3 by May 14th. For questions, contact Mrs. Lepse, [email protected].

-Get your Oompa Loompa socks! We have orange striped socks for sale for $10 a pair. We also have a few extra costumes for sale: 

1 Oompa Loompa wig for $5
3 Squirrel jumpers for $18 each
1 Squirrel hood & tail $5 for the set
2 size M (7-8) Candy Man Kid vests with white t-shirt, $12 for each pair
1 blue Candy Man Kid scarf for $5
1 pink Candy Man Kid scarf for $5

Holler fast if you want them!

-Thank you, thank you for the very generous Ethan Stowell gift card! My husband and I are looking forward to a long overdue date night, compliments of you. Thanks for spoiling me!



Great job, everyone! Thanks for all of the time, effort, & hard work you put into making our production of Willy Wonka Jr. a sweet success! 

Don't forget to order your cast photos, http://lhewillywonkajr.smugmug.com. Photos will be available for purchase through May 22th. (That's only 14 more days, so order now.) We have Oompa Loompa socks for purchase as well, $10 a pair. Email me directly if you'd like to buy some.



*All cast/crew members & volunteers must check in and out at the Stage Door at Dress Rehearsal & at each performance. There will be volunteers there to check their names on the Call Board.

*No one will be allowed backstage except for cast members and assigned volunteers for each particular show. No exceptions. 
*Running time of the show is approximately 90 minutes. One parent/guardian may pick up their actors at the Stage Door after the show. We need to confirm that every single actor is checked off the Call Board before leaving backstage. Because our performance is not on LHE property, we need to take extra precautions that every single child is accounted for. Please have patience with this process as we make every effort to protect our kids.

*Cast members will be released in 5 minute waves, for traffic control, starting 5 minutes after each performance: 1) Squirrels, 2) Candy Man Kids, 3) Oompa Loompas, 4) Leads, 5) Production Crew.(Example: If your actor is an Oompa Loompa, wait in the auditorium or foyer for about 20 minutes after the show, send one parent/guardian to the Stage Door to collect them, then meet your party back in the foyer to mingle.)

*Water will be provided backstage for cast members, no food is allowed.

*Cast members are to come to the theatre wearing their full costumes, including hats, wigs, tails, etc., for Dress Rehearsal and all performances. There is no room for anyone to change backstage. Please do not bring extra clothing.

*Cast members are to come to performances with their hair and make-up done, unless they've been specifically directed otherwise. 

*There will be some flowers available for purchase at the performances.

*Costumes are yours to keep after the final performance!



Another friendly reminder for how all our cast & crew members need to arrive to all performances:

Candy Man Kids- Please style boys and girls in cute, fashionable kids' hair styles. (Girls: ponytails, braids, pigtails, etc.) Use gel or hair spray, lots of it if necessary, to tame fly-aways & frizz.

Squirrels- Please pull hair back in ponytail, if possible, and pin all bangs back. All squirrels will wear hoods.

Oompa Loompas- Please pull hair tightly back and pin or tuck all hair into wigs. If they have bangs, please pin them back.

All other cast members will need to just come with clean, untangled hair so that we can do the styling on site. 

Production Crew- Come as your awesome selves.

Please follow the template that was emailed for make-up on boys and girls. We need this on all cast members so that their faces show up under the stage lights. Some actors will have additions to their make-up once they arrive. Arrival times for actors are listed on each day's events on the Calendar page.



*We need some last-minute help with a few more props; please email [email protected] right away if you're willing & able:
-a small, old table & chair to borrow
-a non-working cell phone to borrow
-a set of stairs to borrow (approx. 40" high)
-inflate a yoga ball (with a bike pump)
-assemble our "TV camera" (its currently in 3 pieces)
-build a simple wood frame onto an existing cart (all costs are reimbursable)
-paint styrofoam blocks (materials will be provided)
-sew a canopy for the wood frame above (materials will be provided)
-build a wood "TV" frame (all costs are reimbursable)
-sew a backdrop (its currently hand-stitched together, but it needs to be reinforced with machine zig-zags)

*Please let me know immediately if your actor has allergies to makeup. You will be doing the base makeup for your actors at home but we will apply more to certain cast members. 

*Don't forget to sign up to contribute to the Company Party on Monday, May 6th, 5:30-7:30pm at school, http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0F4BA8A82CA31-willy.

*Invite all your family & friends to see the show! There are still a few seats left to all three performances, http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales.



*ALL cast members, please wear your cast t-shirts this Friday, April 26th. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to perform in the assembly but we want to show folks how many LH students are in the cast (almost half of the student body!). Won't it be fun to see the sea of yellow?! Show your Wonka pride as we take a moment to let all cast members stand up and be recognized.

*Cast members should have ALL of their lines learned. We are officially "off script" on Monday, April 22nd! (That means no scripts from here on out.)

*All cast and crew members and their families are invited to celebrate a job well done with a pot-luck dinner at the school on Monday, May 6th. This promises to be loads of fun and a great way to say "farewell" to our Wonka family. Please sign up to attend and contribute to the event: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0F4BA8A82CA31-willy

*There are still volunteer opportunities available and we need YOU! We promise you'll get to see your actors perform and you'll get a special Wonka volunteer t-shirt to keep! Contact Lisa Rider ([email protected]) or Jenn Scott ([email protected]) to sign up.



Another friendly reminder to invite your family, friends & neighbors to see our Whopper of a show! For all ticket sales, visit: http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales. (There will be no ticket sales at the door.)

Willy Wonka Jr. families... be sure to get in on the Celebration! All cast & crew members and their families are invited to celebrate a job well done with a pot-luck dinner at the school on Monday, May 6th. This promises to be loads of fun and a great way to say "farewell" to our Wonka family. Please sign up to attend and contribute to the event: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0F4BA8A82CA31-willy



*I can't wait to see you all in your cast t-shirts! I fully expect to see a sea of yellow at school from here on out. :) If you did not pick up your cast t-shirt today it will be sent to you through KidMail next week. No worries... every cast member gets one.

*In an effort to to keep the exit clear & avoid sharing lice, please drop your backpacks & jackets off in your lockers BEFORE coming to rehearsals. If your classroom is a portable/bungalow, place your belongings underneath the blue benches in the Gym.

*Please memorize ALL of your lines by Monday, April 8th. We will be going "off script" by April 22nd, meaning that no one uses their scripts from then on. (Yikes!)

*We still need adult volunteers to help backstage at Dress Rehearsal & performances. Parents, please consider signing up for one of the shifts. We promise you'll get to see your actors perform & you'll get a Wonka t-shirt to keep! Contact our Volunteer Coordinators Jenn Scott ([email protected]) or Lisa Rider ([email protected]).



*Please note: No one is allowed in the school building beyond the Gym & corridor at Saturday rehearsals. Thanks for your cooperation. 

*You've all been working so hard... Invite your family, friends, & neighbors to see our Whopper of a show! Everyone is invited, but tell them to get their tickets early before they run out. For all ticket sales, visit: http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales. (There will be no ticket sales at the door.)

*We will be taking cast photos on Friday, April 5th. Cast members will be in costume only, no make-up, and will be photographed in groups. The schedule will be emailed & posted in Breaking News on the Wonka blog on April 1st. Parents, please stay with your children in the hall while they are waiting for their group call time; no children should be left unattended in the school building. Also, parents will not be allowed into the photo session. Please make every effort to attend the photo shoot as there will be no make-ups.

*We need 5 empty water cooler bottles to use as props. Please email [email protected] today if you have some to donate to the cause.

*Cast members should have all lines in Prologue and Scenes 1-15 memorized by March 29th.


*We need to get our sets painted right away. If you're able to help, email [email protected] ASAP and we'll get you set up with a project that's right for you (we've got everything from super artistic to paint-by-number). All materials & tools will be provided.

*We're still in need of volunteers! Please consider giving some of your time where there is still a need. Sign up through the Wonka blog lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/volunteer-opportunities or we have provided signup sheets on the Stage Door. Let's try to fill the rest of the positions by the end of March. If you have questions please contact one of our volunteer coordinators, Jenn Scott ([email protected]) or Lisa Rider ([email protected]).

*Invite all of your family & friends to our performances! They can purchase tickets through: http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales.

*All costumes & props must be completed and turned in by April 1st.

*All actors have been asked to have their lines in Prologue & Scenes 1-15 memorized by Tuesday, March 26th.

*Cast t-shirts will be distributed at rehearsals the week of April 1st.



*Don't miss an opportunity to see LHE's Willy Wonka from the front row! We have one auction package available that includes a top hat full of Wonka treats, two adult-size (very rare) cast t-shirts, event poster, $75 gift certificate to Hi-Life, and 4 front row seats to the performance of your choice! It is being offered at $500. The first person to fill out the Willy Wonka Jr. "bid sheet" in the main hall at school gets it!

*Ticket sales are live to the public but we still have some for you! Visit http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales. There will be no ticket sales at the door and tickets need to be printed at the time of purchase and brought to the performance as proof of purchase. For LHTPA sponsored scholarships, contact [email protected].

*Please check that your actor's name is spelled correctly on the Wonka blog as that's how it will be printed in the program. Email any corrections by April 15th to [email protected].

*Actors in Scenes 1-10 have been asked to have their lines memorized by this Saturday. They should bring their scripts to rehearsals (for reference only). Our prompter will be close by should they need any help.

*Actors who have received their shoes should wear them to all rehearsals from now on. Please allow an extra minute or two at drop-off so that we're all ready to start rehearsals at 8:15am sharp. Thanks!

*April 8th is the cut-off date for leads and Candy Man Kids to get their hair cut. (If  their hair is cut too short it can make them look bald with the stage lights... Yikes! The other reason is so that our hair/make-up chair can plan their styles for the performances.) The haircut cut-off does not apply to Grandma Georgina, Grandma Josephina, Grandpa George, Oompa Loompas & Squirrels as their hair will be covered with wigs or hats. 



*Please turn in your Permission Slips and dues by tomorrow. We will be placing the order for cast t-shirts this weekend. (If you haven't turned in your Permission Slip, we don't know what size shirt to order for you.)

*Actors have been asked to memorize their lines in Scenes 1- 8 by Tuesday, March 12th.

*Parents: Don't forget to bid on the "Wonka-licious" cake and the "Willy Wonka Jr. VIP Package" at this Saturday's auction!



*Rehearsals on March 8th & 11th have been cancelled. Actors in Scenes 6-10 will be notified of rescheduling.

*Ticket sales are live starting today! Advertising to the pubic starts March 15th, so get your tickets early. All ticket sales will be done through 

http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/ticket-sales. There will be no ticket sales at the door and tickets need to be printed at the time of purchase and brought to the performance as proof of purchase. For LHTPA sponsored scholarships, contact [email protected].



*Our music (with vocals) is now on our Wonka blog: http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/music-with-vocals



*We need folks to help paint our sets! We also need a location to do the painting. Please let us know immediately if you are willing and able to help out, [email protected]

*To ensure that every actor is seen on stage, our Oompa Loompa & Squirrel ensembles have been divided into 3 casts. Each of these casts will perform ONCE and the casts are named according to the day/time of their performance. (For example, if my actor is in the Sat/6pm cast, they will be performing in the Saturday, 6pm show ONLY.) Make sure to buy tickets to the show that your Oompas & Squirrels will be performing in. Check the Cast Posting for your assignment, http://lhewillywonkajr.webs.com/cast-posting.

*Don't forget to turn in your Permission Slips and dues! We need a signed Permission Slip from EACH actor in the production. The sooner they're all turned in, the sooner we can order cast t-shirts (that's incentive!). 

Radio Announcer
MTI Broadway Jr. (Hal Leonard Corp.) (Willy Wonka Acc Disk-no vox)